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Freeride Andermatt, Freetouring

short climbs, lonely descents



It has finally snowed, the weather forecasts report blue skies, the freeriders run to the Gemsstock. Everyone wants to catch the first gondola, everyone wants to draw the first track onto the untouched slopes. Standing in line, crowding, pushing... Once on the Gemsstock everbody storms off the gondola and they come down the glacier slope like an avalanche, drawing wide and fast turns into the fresh and airy snow, cheering and yelling. First the glacier, then the Ober Geissberg, Unter Geissberg, later the Felsental, Giraffe etc. It usually does not take long for the well-known descents of Freeride Andermatt to be tracked, even if the area does not yet get as many visitors as Engelberg. Everything was still untouched just a few hours ago, some might sigh.

Every freerider wants untracked, airy powder. This can still be found a few days after snowfall. Anyone who is ready to put on the skins on and walk a little shakes off the masses and reaches hidden corners with untouched slopes. Freetouring is the modern technical term and Andermatt can also deliver in this discipline. In this context, also note the article about the perfect ski tour .

Andermatt is an Eldorado for freetouring and convinces with numerous possibilities. The classic is the Guspis. To ride it, you go south from the Gemsstock and after a few turns traverse right towards the Gafallenlücke, which you can reach with a short ascent. Many even walk up without skins, with their skis on their shoulders. From the Gafallenlücke, the freerider has access to a huge, small chambers that lead to the Gotthardpassstrasse. The classic, often undertaken descent through the Guspis follows the direct descent down to Gotthardstrasse and follows it to Hospental. From here a ski bus or train goes back to Andermatt.

When riding the Guspis, the attentive freerider immediately sees the impressive couloirs on the Blauberg, which fall uncompromisingly and directly into the Guspis. What lines! The most popular and most impressive line is the central couloir. Unfortunately - or luckily - you can't get there for free. You climb via Sunnig Lücke and over the southern flank / ridge (easy climbing) to the highest point of the Blauberg and further down into the gap between points 2729 and 2705. The ascent, the start and descent are alpine and require appropriate knowledge and equipment.

Freetouring Andermatt: One of those days...

The possibilities for freetouring around Rothorn, Rotstock, Pizzo Centrale & Co are many. The Glockentürmli, for example, often has good snow conditions on the north side and also offers an interesting descent directly down to Gothardpassstrasse on the south side. Very rewarding slopes or couloirs can also be reached from the Rothorn, which can be reached in less than half an hour from the Gafallenlücke. The descent from the Rothorn towards Gitziälpetli combined with a short climb to the Guspislücke is another gem. If you want, you can reach the Rotstock from here, which again has impressive, steep couloirs. For those who just want to enjoy gentle terrain, on the other hand, the beautiful slopes from the Guspislücke directly down to the Hinter Loch are recommended .


By the way: in the Urseren Valley you can not only do great freeriding, you can also do fantastic climbing, for example on the nearby Teufelstalwand , on the Gross Bielenhorn, Gross Furkahorn or Gletschhorn, to name just a few.

Freetouring Andermatt: First Lines hinunter zum Gitziälpetli

Be careful, many of the descents described here are very steep and are riddeen less frequently than the fashion descents on the Gemsstock, which is why the snow cover here is often weaker. A correct assessment of the avalanche situation is essential before each trip. We recommend a mountain guide.

Freetouring Andermatt: Blauberg, Zentralcouloir (Youtube Channel Basecamp Andermatt)

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