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Janis Hager

Molecular biologist, mountain guide and founder of

In the heart of the Swiss Alps, growing up in the canton of Uri, I have been connected to the mountains since I was little. My father already took me on mountain tours and together with my brothers we made every ski area unsafe. The climbing virus has hopelessly infected me at least since I studied molecular biology in Basel. In the beginning it was the crunchy boulder problems and steep sport climbing lines, later bold multi-pitch routes and classic mountain tours that captivated me, but today it is the variety of styles that fascinates me in the mountains. Today the mountains are much more than a playground, but an important source of strength, peace and inspiration. And after more than ten exciting years as an employee in a large corporation, they have also become my job. I started my own business and try to bring the fascinating faces of the mountains closer to other people.


Personally, I only plan my tours spontaneously. I love the challenge of getting the most out of a day in the mountains. So mybergtour and I are soul mates or at least carved out of the same wood. We both love being spontaneous and flexible.

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Favorite discipline


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Number of skis


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Climbing moves per year

100,000 +

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Favorite summit



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lost carabiners

> 10

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Favorite snack


Molecular biologist, mountain guide and founder of

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