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Bilder von Jonas Allemann Bergführer

Jonas Allemann

Passionate all-rounder, route opener and mountain guide in training

I came to alpinism through my sister. She took me on my first climbing tour, which led me to the big beech tree in our garden. Then everything went quickly: I decided to quit my track and field career, swap nail shoes for climbing finches and crampons, and from then on I only went climbing in the mountains. Today I am interested in all forms of alpinism. I still find great fulfillment in the challenge. It is at least as important to me today to be able to share these unique mountain experiences with other people.

Spontaneous, short-term planning in alpinism has enormous advantages. Regardless of whether I go to the mountains privately with a friend or professionally with a guest: we always define the destination at short notice. For me, the goal is reached when the snow drifts, the Sulz splashes and we are right on the mountain that offers the best conditions.

Favorite discipline

I like them all

Number of skis


Climbing trains per year

too few

Favorite summit


lost carabiners


Favorite snack


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