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Foto Speedy Füllemann

The perfect ski tour

Untracked, airy powder, bluebird day ...


Of course there is no such thing as THE best ski tour. The quality of a ski tour depends too much on personal preferences on the one hand, but especially on the current conditions on the other. The latter are constantly changing. The challenge is to correctly identify these conditions and use them optimally for a ski tour. There are numerous aspects to consider. A successful ski tour therefore requires different “ingredients”. We are always looking for these ingredients on our tours.


The top priority for us is always safety and, in particular, attention to the current avalanche danger. Despite all the progress in avalanche research and despite our experience as mountain guides, the principle of paying due respect to this natural phenomenon and showing a healthy reluctance still applies. This is the only way to be on the road with an acceptable risk in the long term. The avalanche situation therefore defines the framework in which we can move.




Ganz zuoberst steht bei uns immer die Sicherheit und somit insbesondere die Beachtung der aktuell herrschenden Lawinengefahr. Trotz allem Fortschritt in der Lawinenforschung und trotz unserer Erfahrung als Bergführer gilt nach wie vor das Prinzip, diesem Naturphänomen den gebührenden Respekt zu zollen und eine gesunde Zurückhaltung an den Tag zu legen. Nur so kann man langfristig mit vertretbarem Risiko unterwegs sein. Die Lawinenlage definiert also den Rahmen, in welchem wir uns bewegen dürfen.



First of all we are looking for good snow: airy and light, untouched and untracked we like it. The snow should spray, the skier should cheer. We are also on the lookout for the good weather. We of course take bluebird days with a kiss. At the same time, we like the atmospheric weather, when the clouds mysteriously move around, sometimes enveloping us, sometimes the mountains, soon ventilating to loop around the next mountain peak again. A terrific spectacle!

If the clouds are deep and the fog is thick, we are looking for the contrasting terrain, the light forests and the rocky terrain, which prived us with sight even when skiing in the thickest fog.

These two factors, snow quality and the weather roughly define the region in which we are looking for the most rewarding ski tour. We continue to look for loneliness . Away from the crowds, away from the fashion tours, we are looking for tranquility, the abandoned corners and valleys, the untouched alpine terrain.

If possible, we add the next ingredient: more downhill than uphill meters. Be that by cleverly using public transport and trains. Be it by descending into a lower valley. The downhill should never be neglected!

And last but not least, the whole thing can take place in an impressive, alpine environment, lead through different terrain chambers and offer a variety of landscapes. That is why we like exceedances: whenever possible, we approach the mountain from one side and descend it on another side. So we get to know different faces of a mountain, bring in a variety of landscapes and have the opportunity to climb in the sun and ski down in the cool, shady powder.