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Freeriding in Andermatt | with local guides

Dream lines in a convincing variety



Introduction to Freeride Andermatt

Rides on the Gemsstock

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In the past, it was exclusively the young locals who paid attention to the off-piste runs around the Gemsstock, but today Andermatt Freeride is a well-known brand and, alongside Engelberg, one of the top spots in Switzerland in terms of off-piste skiing, even in the entire alpine region. And rightly so! Because on the descents up to 1,500 meters long, powder-hungry freeriders are offered practically everything their hearts desire.


The predominantly north-facing exposures of the Gemsstock provide cool shade on the slopes and preserve the powder. In addition, the terrain is strongly structured and some chambers are often in a sheltered location. The local freerider or guide usually finds powder somewhere. Thanks to its central location at the Gotthard, Andermatt gets plenty of it, both from the north and the south.

The Gemsstock offers wide, open slopes that invite you to make big turns and enjoy surfing. However, the area is particularly impressive with its demanding descents, its numerous steep couloirs, with elegant lines that are unparalleled in terms of aesthetics and with playful, varied terrain between rocks, crests, backs, channels, ditches and bushes. Anyone who is also willing to put on the skins and briefly ascend gets numerous other options.


By the way: Andermatt is famous for freeriding, but there is also great rock climbing, for example on the nearby Teufelstalwand, on the Gross Bielenhorn, Furkahorn or Gletschhorn, to name just a few.


Off-piste variants on Gemsstock | Freeride Andermatt


*Attention! The off-piste variants depicted on the maps only show their approximate courses and may contain errors. In particular, it must always be decided on site based on the prevailing snow and weather conditions whether and how a run is possible. This requires solid training in avalanche awareness and freeriding. We recommend every freerider to take advantage of corresponding offers and / or to book a mountain guide .


Giraffe | Freeride Andermatt

The royal descent


The off-piste descent from Gemsstock via Vorderes Gurschenälpetli to Andermatt is the royal descent from Freeride Andermatt. It got its name from the narrow couloir, the giraffe neck, which leads down to the Unteralp. Whoever is in it understands the naming. If conditions allow, freeriders will get their money's worth here: huge, open slopes with often very good snow and in the end the spectacular bottleneck-like couloir . Freeride Andermatt at its best. There are numerous variants, especially in the upper area, which are not described here. learn more

Rides on the Gemsstock

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Andermatt Freeride: Vorderes Gurschenälpetli bei Champagne Powder


Felsental | Freeride Andermatt

The classic


The Felsental was probably one of the first off-piste variants to be ridden on Gemsstock and is now part of Freeride Andermatt's standard inventory. The Felsental with its wide slopes in the upper part offers plenty of space for big turns. In the lower part, the terrain becomes more versatile. Small hills, channels, short steep steps, ditches and bushes alternate and invite you to play. learn more


Rides on Gemsstock

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Ober Geissberg

Ober Geissberg | Freeride Andermatt

The versatile one


The descents on the Upper Geissberg border directly on the glacier slope and are among the classic freeride options on the Gemsstock. After snowfall, they are sprinted and tracked quickly. Thanks to the very diverse terrain and the countless small variations, the local freerider or mountain guide often finds hidden corners that are less tracked. learn more


Rides on Gemsstock

Ride with us!

Freeride Andermatt: First Line an den wunderschönen Hängen oberhalb des Luterseelis

Unter Geissberg

Unter Geissberg | Freeride Andermatt

The safe value


The descents on the Unter Geissberg are among the best value rides on the Gemsstock in terms of effort and income and are a safe value, especially in high winter. The wide, open slopes in the upper part are a must for all freeriders who love the fast, large turns. Further down, the terrain becomes a little more structured with gently shaped channels and contrasting bushes . Andermatt Freeride at its best! learn more


Rides on Gemsstock

Ride with us!

Champagne Powder am Unteren Geissberg, Andermatt


Vorgipfelcouloir | Freeride Andermatt

The classic couloir


Freeriders love them, Gemsstock in Andermatt offers them. These narrow, steep and shapely couloirs. The Vorgipfelcouloir is one of the great classics from Andermatt Freeride and has it all. The line is steep! Further below the terrain flattens a little and elicits a loud shout from many freeriders. learn more


Rides on Gemsstock

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Freetouring | Freeride Andermatt

Lonely corners


Every freerider wants untracked, airy snow. This can still be found a few days after snowfall. Anyone who is ready to put the skins on quickly shakes off the masses and reaches hidden corners with untouched slopes . Freetouring is the modern term. Andermatt is also an eldorado for freetouring and convinces with numerous possibilities in this discipline. learn more


Rides on Gemsstock

Ride with us!

Ride with us

Book Freeride Andermatt


Do you want to freeride with a local guide? To book us, you have 2 Options.

Option 1 | Book mybergtour group

Subscribe to our Tour Mail. Whenever ideal conditions come up, we will post open freeride groups on You will be informed by email and can register online.


Your advantages: You will be offered freeride exactly when the conditions are ideal and you can decide at short notice.


Costs from CHF 179.- per person & day

Max. 6-7 people



Option 2 | Book privately

Here you are the boss. You determine both the date and the course of your day. We are looking for a guide for you and soon you can start.


Your advantages: You can choose the date and ride with your friends.


Costs from CHF 650.- per day






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