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What do freeriders want? Stupid question ... powder snow! Untouched and untracked. A new load every day, please. Nice weather, at least good visibility. Wide, open slopes. Couped, playful terrain. Cliffs. Impressive lines. Steep couloirs. Zero altitude climb. Thousands of meters of descent. Powerful cable cars and as little people as possible on the go.


Well, with the latter mount Titlis cannot really deliver, Freeride Engelberg has long been one of the most famous powder destinations in the alps. So you're not alone here, sorry. In all other respects, Engelberg Freeride is convincing across the board.


“When the weather comes from the north, it really pushes the snow in with us,” the local mountain guides know. Now guess where the weather in Engelberg mostly comes from ... Wide, open terrain? THE trademark of Freeride Engelberg. Greetings from Laub, Sulz, Steinberg & Co. Here you can surf until your thighs glow. Playful terrain? Cliffs? Ohhhh yes, you can find that on mount Titlis too. Impressive lines and thousands of meters of descent? Then we suggest the Galtiberg, for example along the trench - simply breathtaking. Or below the mighty Titlis north face - WOW! Zero vertical meters ascent? This is another hallmark of Freeride Engelberg: the big runs on the Titlis, the Big Five, are easy to reach and long walks are the absolute exception. In this respect, you get the powder almost for free. And if the weather closes completely, there is the Brunni aka sunny side opposite of Titlis aka dark side. Here you will find high-contrast terrain in the forest area, for the days in the white out.


And if people really get too many, you can put on the skins and escape from the crowds, for example with one of the exciting freetouring options. And if you want something from everything, we recommend the Titlis round tour : a combination of freeride, ski touring and mountaineering in the impressive, high-alpine mountain world around Titlis.

Engelberg Freeride, swiss powder destination from the very beginning and together with Andermatt the central swiss freeride center, convinces with a huge, easily accessible powder terrain.


The Big Five | Freeride Engelberg *

*Attention! The off-piste variants depicted on the maps only show their approximate courses and may contain errors. In particular, it must always be decided on site based on the prevailing snow and weather conditions whether and how a run is possible. This requires solid training in avalanche awareness and freeriding. We recommend every freerider to take advantage of corresponding offers and / or to book a mountain guide .

Video that appropriately reflects the character of Freeride Engelberg. Starring Sweden, of course.


Laub | Freeride Engelberg

huge, wide, steep


The Laub, the slope of colossal proportions above Engelberg can already be seen from the village and is the epitome of Freeride Engelberg. Even the bare numbers impress every seasoned freerider, mountain guide and guide. learn more


  • Altitude difference: 1,200m

  • Distance: 2'500m

  • Width: up to 1'500m

  • Steepness: lasting 30 to 40+ degrees

  • Terrain shape: a single, coherent slope

Rides on Titlis

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Steinberg | Freeride Engelberg

open at the top, playful at the bottom


The various descents on the Steinberg can be easily reached from Klein Titlis, which is well developed by the Titlis Rotair. The train journey is often shared with many foreign tourists. You leave them at the mountain station and find the terrain typical of Engelberg in front of you: wide, open and evenly steep slopes that invite you to enjoy surfing. The lower part of the Steinberg also offers playful, couped terrain with many interesting variants. learn more


Rides on Titlis

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Sulz | Freeride Engelberg

Titlis' playground


The Sulz, the next in the series of Big Five by Engelberg Freeride, comes in a threesome. Little Sulz is the ideal terrain for freeride beginners. The middle Sulz is something like the playground of Freeride Engelberg and convinces with varied terrain and numerous small variants over hills, crests and channels. The big Sulz as the last one again offers spacious terrain and finally comes together with the descents from the Steinberg. learn more


Rides on Titlis

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Steintal | Freeride Engelberg

the quieter corner


The stone valley is hidden behind the Jochstock and may therefore receive a little less visitors than the other rides of the Big Five. But less visits do not mean that you are alone here. This does not exist in the world-famous Mecca of Engelberg Freeride. learn more


Rides on Titlis

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Galtiberg | Freeride Engelberg

the royal descent


The Galtiberg is famous, notorious, long, wild and alpine. With two thousand vertical meters from Klein Titlis down to Engelberg, it is one of the longest freeride descents in the entire alpine region, without having to take off your skis once. At least in good conditions. learn more


Rides on Titlis

Ride with us!


Book Freeride Engelberg


Do you want to freeride with a local guide? To book us, you have 2 Options.

Option 1 | Book mybergtour group

Subscribe to our Tour Mail. Whenever ideal conditions come up, we will post open freeride groups on You will be informed by email and can register online.


Your advantages: You will be offered freeride exactly when the conditions are ideal and you can decide at short notice.


Costs from CHF 179.- per person & day

Max. 6-7 people



Option 2 | Book privately

Here you are the boss. You determine both the date and the course of your day. We are looking for a guide for you and soon you can start.


Your advantages: You can choose the date and ride with your friends.


Costs from CHF 650.- per day








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