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Foto Speedy Füllemann

Titlis Round Trip | Engelberg

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If you had the task of putting together a tour on ski that was as varied and spectacular as possible, you would have to try to recreate something like the Titlis Round Trip. It is no coincidence that this is one of the most attractive ski activities in all of Central Switzerland, if not further afield. On the Titlis Round Trip, both mountaineers, ski touring and freeriding enthusiasts will get their money's worth.


The Titlis Round Trip starts from Klein Titlis, which can be reached by train from Engelberg. Here you say goodbye to the many tourists and put on your skis for a first short descent over the Steinberg to the Messer (point 2736m). The skis strapped onto the backpack you climb over over the latter (fixed safety pole on the ridge) in simple but exciting and exposed climbing to the Vorder Titlisjoch. Here, the skis usually back on the feet, you abseil for the first time through a steep couloir. A rappel belay is available. Depending on the snow conditions and skiing skills, you can abseil more or less deep into the couloir, usually 25-50m. A first short descent over the Chli Gletscher takes you to the Schwarzi Naad, where you can rappel again. It has several abseiling points, but the most efficient and easiest way to get through is with 2x50m abseiling.

Then one takes the beautiful, about two-hour ascent to the bivouac at Grassen, surrounded by the impressive glacial landscape, the mighty Titlis south wall to his left, the Wendenstöcke in the back and glaciated Uratstock and colleagues to his right. A grandiose setting!