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Freeride Andermatt, Felsental

open slopes and playful terrain


The Felsental was probably one of the first off-piste variants to be skied on the Gemsstock and today belongs to the standard inventory of Freeride Andermatt. If you ski down the Sonnenpiste, you will immediately spot the spacious terrain on your left. Wide, gentle slopes invite you to surf. The Felsental is often among the first variants to be tracked after snowfall. The moderately steep terrain usually allows this. Nevertheless, the line has to be carefully chosen so as not to provoke an avalanche. In the lower part, the Felsental becomes more versatile. Small hills, couloirs, short steep steps, ditches and bushes alternate and invite you to play.

There are countless variants in the Felsental: For the left and middle variants, leave the prepared slope on the St. Annafirn and cross out as high as possible to the left. In the past, some of the left-hand variants allowed you to ride down to Hospental. Today these options are restricted due to a wildlife protection zone. It is important to respect this. For the right variant via the Bärenhang, branch off further down to the left from the Sonnenpiste, where you have to climb a few meters. This right variant is particularly worthwhile in combination with the Vorgipfelcouloir. All variants come together at the end and lead back to the valley station on the right side of the striking trench. Depending on the snow tracks, the skis have to be carried a few meters.

Freeride Andermatt: Fast & First Line im Felsental 

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Book Freeride Andermatt


Do you want to freeride with a local guide? To book us, you have 2 Options.

Option 1 | Book mybergtour group

Subscribe to our Tour Mail. Whenever ideal conditions come up, we will post open freeride groups on You will be informed by email and can register online.


Your advantages: You will be offered freeride exactly when the conditions are ideal and you can decide at short notice.


Costs from CHF 179.- per person & day

Max. 6-7 people



Option 2 | Book privately

Here you are the boss. You determine both the date and the course of your day. We are looking for a guide for you and soon you can start.


Your advantages: You can choose the date and ride with your friends.


Costs from CHF 650.- per day

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