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Freeride Andermatt, Vorgipfelcouloir

narrow, steep, bold


Freeriders love them. Andermatt offers them. These narrow, steep and shapely couloirs. The Vorgipfelcouloir is one of the great classics of Andermatt Freeride. It is easily accessible from the Gemsstock mountain station. You branch off immediately to the left in the direction of the sunny slope and a few ski lengths later to the right to the ridge, which goes up to point 2918m, the pre-summit. Here the skis have to be carried up a few meters until you reach the start just before the culmination point. The Vorgipfelcouloir has it all. The start, which is only two to three meters wide, gives the impression of standing in front of a vertical wall. You look down a few hundred meters. The line is steep, bordered by sharp rocks. Watch out for rocks in the upper part. Further below the terrain becomes less steep and opens up, invites you to enjoy wide turns and elicits a loud cheer from most freeriders. If possible link the Felsental to this great couloir.

Unfortunately, fatal avalanche accidents have already occurred in the Vorgipfelcouloir. Nevertheless, a real race for the first track can take place here after snowfall. The reasonable rider and every mountain guide knows and follows the important rule of starting the day defensively. This enables him to get to know the snow and assess the avalanche situation. Of course the freshly snowed in, untracked Vorgipfelcouloir is definitely not a defensive first descent. On the other hand, if conditions permit, this great line is one of the highlights on the Gemsstock, be it the first or twentiest line.

Freeride Andermatt: Vorgipfel Couloir bei besten Bedingungen

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Do you want to freeride with a local guide? To book us, you have 2 Options.

Option 1 | Book mybergtour group

Subscribe to our Tour Mail. Whenever ideal conditions come up, we will post open freeride groups on You will be informed by email and can register online.


Your advantages: You will be offered freeride exactly when the conditions are ideal and you can decide at short notice.


Costs from CHF 179.- per person & day

Max. 6-7 people



Option 2 | Book privately

Here you are the boss. You determine both the date and the course of your day. We are looking for a guide for you and soon you can start.


Your advantages: You can choose the date and ride with your friends.


Costs from CHF 650.- per day

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