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Freeride Andermatt | Giraffe

Alpine entry, mighty slopes and a bold couloir


The descent from the Gemsstock via Vorderes Gurschenälpetli to Andermatt is the royal ride of Freeride Andermatt. In this respect it is the counterpart of the Galtiberg in Engelberg . It got its name from the narrow couloir, the giraffe neck, which leads down to the Unteralp. Whoever is in it understands the naming. These narrow, rock-bound couloirs belong to the geologically typical terrain of the Gotthard region. They form numerous, breathtaking lines around Andermatt, which make the heart of freeriders beat faster. In addition, they also form imposing gorges, which attract climbers like in the near Teufelstalwand .

The entrance is over and along the often heavily corniced ridge between the Gems- and Gurschenstock. Warning, the terrain is very exposed, there is a risk of falling and the track is often rocky. The slopes leading down to the Gurschenälpetli are very steep and very large. An avalanche would be fatal here. However, if conditions allow, freeriders will get their money's worth here: huge, open and wide slopes with often very good snow and in the end the spectacular bottle neck-like couloir that leads down to the Unteralp. Freeride Andermatt at its best. There are numerous variants, especially in the upper part, which are not described here.

However, you pay a small price for the giraffe by skiing or rather skating out along the Unteralp with little incline. Beware of wet avalanches from the large southwest slopes. Alternatively, you can traverse back to the Lutersee chair lift via the long “Schwedentraverse”. However, doing so means you miss the impressive giraffe neck couloir. If there already is a track and especially with the inevitable big smile on your face after this descent, skating out is usually effortless. And knowing how the descent ends at the best pizzeria in Andermatt, where you can toast to the past and all upcoming rides.

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Andermatt Freeride: Vorderes Gurschenälpetli bei Champagne Powder

Caution : The giraffe leads over very exposed terrain with a risk of falling and through very large, steep slopes. A correct choice of the line and a correct assessment of the avalanche danger are essential. It is recommended to do this challenging variant accompanied by a local mountain guide .


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