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Freeride Andermatt, Ober Geissberg

versatile terrain


The descents on the Ober Geissberg border directly on the glacier descent and are among the classic freeride variants on the Gemsstock. After snowfall, they are quickly ridden and tracked flat. Thanks to the very diverse terrain and the countless small variations, the local freerider or mountain guide often finds hidden corners that are less tracked.

If you are looking for the wide, open slopes, you will find such terrain on the beautiful, gently-sloping, northeast-facing slopes above the Luterseeli. If you like it steep, you can ride towards Lutterseeli directly via point 2465 if the conditions allow it. If you are looking for the extreme, you can ride the north-northwest slopes above the Luterseeli and thus find pretty much the steepest terrain that the Gemsstock has to offer. Here, however, it is extremely rare to find traces and whoever looks at these slopes quickly understands why. They are withheld for experts, a fall could have fatal consequences.

Freeride Andermatt: First Line an den wunderschönen Hängen oberhalb des Luterseelis

Some variants can only be reached if you traverse high up on the Ober Geissberg. To do this, leave the Gurschenfirn and traverse at a height of approx. 2700 to the right until you reach the flat section behind the point 2622m. From here many attractive descents start: open slopes, steep slopes, small cliffs, couloirs or whatever the heart of the freeriders desire.


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Freeride Andermatt: ein local Guide findet meist Powder am Oberen Geissberg

Book Freeride Andermatt


Do you want to freeride with a local guide? To book us, you have 2 Options.

Option 1 | Book mybergtour group

Subscribe to our Tour Mail. Whenever ideal conditions come up, we will post open freeride groups on You will be informed by email and can register online.


Your advantages: You will be offered freeride exactly when the conditions are ideal and you can decide at short notice.


Costs from CHF 179.- per person & day

Max. 6-7 people



Option 2 | Book privately

Here you are the boss. You determine both the date and the course of your day. We are looking for a guide for you and soon you can start.


Your advantages: You can choose the date and ride with your friends.


Costs from CHF 650.- per day


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